Lenovo ThinkBook Plus: Blends productivity with multitasking

Creative professionals and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who have sent most of their workforce home are constantly looking for laptops that do justice with not-extended working hours. The new dual-screen Lenovo ThinkBook Plus ticks all the right boxes when it comes to performing high-density work, while watching some Netflix episodes later in the day.

Featuring an innovative e-Ink cover display that helps users to be more productive, the device is excellent for enhanced multi-tasking without compromising on productivity and security.

Featuring a 13.3-inch FHD main display and a 10.8-inch e-Ink display on the cover, the ThinkBook Plus is now available in India at a starting price of Rs 99,990.

Let us see if this is your go-to device.

The laptop scores over its rivals in the premium segment with the secondary e-Ink display.

Made from Corning Gorilla Glass NBT, it a unique glass solution for touch-enabled notebooks that provides enhanced scratch resistance, and reduced scratch visibility.

The innovative cover screen displayed all essential notifications — Calendar events, Email notifications, battery status, date, weather updates etc (No need to check your smartphone for emails during meetings). The E-ink display on the cover also allows you to take notes, sketch ideas and annotate PDF documents with ease.

On the productivity front, with the integrated Lenovo Precision Pen, ThinkBook Plus allows for easy writing and note taking with several features such as handwriting recognition, auto-sync with OneNote, review previous notes list, eraser function (on pen), smart brush feature and Quick launch from pen, among others.

The dual-screen display also acts as an e-book reader which supports different formats such as PDF, Txt, Mobi and Epub.

It also allows tools such as Single and Double page views, Go to a page search, and the recently-read history on the same display.

On the hardware front, it offers up to 10th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Optane i7 processor. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus comes with a M.2 PCIe standard SSD by default and up to 16GB DDR4.

The device offers enhanced security.

Notifications are hidden automatically when the lid is opened and the e-Ink notifications require authentication with Touch Fingerprint Reader that is integrated with the Power Button.

You can enable or disable calendar and e-mail notifications with a tap on the display and you must be logged in for e-Ink to work.

One can control Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls quickly with meeting hotkeys and experience better audio clarity with Harman speakers and Skype-certified microphones.

The HARMAN-branded speakers offered impeccable sound clarity along with four integrated digital mics which are optimised for voice recognition during web conferences.

The device has an integrated Amazon Alexa for PC so quickly execute several common tasks, without the need to open the laptop.

Equipped with HARMAN-branded speakers for impeccable sound clarity and four integrated digital mics optimised for voice recognition, enjoy seamless collaboration through enhanced web conferencing experiences.

The laptop comes with a range of business-grade services like Premier Support and Onsite Next Business Day Response, offering expert support and solutions for warranties, repairs and upgrades.

Conclusion: SMBs which are bearing the maximum brunt in the pandemic in India can opt for this device for their employees, that offer seamless productivity with enhanced multi-tasking.

For individual professionals, Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is an ideal investment in the social distancing times, providing them maximum output without lags.

Overall, Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is a perfect multi-tasking device for all generations and new-age digital natives who constantly strive to do more.