How to find good Las Vegas shows for kids

Las Vegas

In a way, having a family-friendly time in the city of Las Vegas may prove challenging, especially for all those unfamiliar with the city’s most prominent las vegas shows for kids. Because of the enormous presence of sinful content all across the city, it makes sense to figure out the family-friendly events for kids to not end up visiting an incredibly offensive and sensitive show. Below, you can find the listing of the high-quality entertainment that would be the most suitable for the families traveling with kids:

  1. O by Cirque Du Soleil
  2. Michael Jackson ONE
  3. The Beatles Love
  4. Dear Evan Hansen


“O”, the Cirque Du Soleil Show

O by Cirque Du Soleil is really a special fish of its kind. Translating from French, the headline itself means water, which already indicates a certain set of expectations regarding the show. The actors themselves do their maximum to break the threshold of expectations set for the visitors. When visiting, the kids can undoubtedly expect something incredibly crazy, such as extreme diving from 100 of feet or holding one’s breath for more than two minutes underwater. All of the actors are professionals of their kinds, which means that kiddos visiting the performance should not worry about the actors’ safety. At the same time, you should be aware of the fact that some of the sea animals are also present during the shows, making it fascinating for kids to watch in the long-term perspective. Thus, it makes a perfect sense to check out the nurture of the performance

Michael Jackson One

Among all the best Las Vegas shows for kids, this one outstands itself with a marvelous performance that is dedicated to Michael Jackson, among the best artists of all times. When the actor passed away, a multitude of fans couldn’t stand such a tragedy by themselves, therefore creating a need to commemorate the actor in various ways. Among them, a tribute Michael Jackson seemed to fulfill the expectations of fans in the long-term perspective. Almost everyone who knew at least something about the talent of the actor can’t simply ignore the performance because of its touching nurture and the kind of content that the kids would surely approve. At the same time, everyone should be aware of the fact that the tickets themselves could be obtained with the discount after completing the show survey about Michael Jackson so that you could save a couple of bucks when delving through all of the las vegas shows for kids. Nevertheless, everyone should undoubtedly check out the performance because of its emotional and family-friendly nature for kids.

The Beatles Love

When surfing through all the Las Vegas shows for kids reviews, anyone can notice that the Beatles Love has some of the highest ratings as a performance. The reasons for so are pretty apparent if taking the fact that the Beatles was among the most prominent bands of its generation. Besides, the Beatles Love appears to be an incredibly family-friendly show due to its tolerant content and the overall focus of authors on celebrating the music: not a single human has ever been able to achieve such a premise before, but no that the Beatles Love is one the world’s stage, it’s possible to stay that the memory of the prominent group would surely stay forever in our hearts. Not to forget to mention the fact that among all of the things to do in Las Vegas, visiting the concert of the Beatles Love seems to be the most appealing for families with children: the reviews on various websites indicate that you should not worry about anything while picking such incredible entertainment options, especially in the long-term perspective. Thus, not anyone, especially kids, should hesitate and buy some tickets.

Dear Evan Hansen

If one’s being a fan of anything related to Broadway, then the option of seeing Dear Evan Hansen would definitely be appealing. Ranked among some of the good las vegas shows for kids, Dear Evan Hansen is a theatrical performance that talks about the common problems faced by the teenagers during their years in high school. As the story goes on, both parents and children begin to learn a valuable lesson that derives itself from the basic human values of respect, resilience, and inclusiveness, something that a lot of teenagers are not willing to adopt. Nevertheless, because of such an incredible plot, it’s fair to say that the show is certainly worth paying a visit, especially if traveling to the city of Las Vegas with kids


All those who are on the constant lookout for the Las Vegas shows for kids may easily refer to this guide as their main source of help while on such a deed and find the best tickets on Not only did the shows listed above proved great but also deserved admiration from various families all over the globe and kids.