Lahore Zoo staff, animals tested for COVID-19

Lahore Zoo Director Chaudhry Shafqat Ali said that the animals and birds were free from COVID-19 at one of the worlds oldest such facilities, adding that coronavirus tests of staff and screening of animals were conducted.

“All animals have been tested negative for coronavirus,” The Express Tribune quoted Ali as saying on Sunday.

He said that the tests were conducted after a tiger was reported to be infected with the virus from an asymptomatic zookeeper in New York.

Ali highlighted that the Lahore Zoo remained safe from such challenges through the adoption of the precautionary measures.

He said that coronavirus tests of the staff were held with the help of the Punjab Health Department.

“The animals were also screened by the University of Health and Veterinary Sciences (UVAS) as a precaution, although the zookeepers were free of coronavirus, and a clearance certificate was issued.”