Key online gaming industry trends rising in 2020

online gaming industry

By 2020, online gaming/gambling industry will reach 70 billion dollars. It’s a big market, and only progressive companies will survive. What’s essential for a high-class gaming platform? Reliable servers, country-based license, and games that can make a name for that company itself. Mostly, Casinos are dominating the charts in the online gaming industry. Experts believe that few rapid-growing trends can transform the future of the casino/gaming industry by 2020.

New markets to expand the reach

The online gaming market has no particular legal territory. At the same time, it’s hard to find players from countries that have not enabled gaming space.

A new market that every online gambling operator should look for is indeed Africa. Revenue share from Africa will reach 2 billion dollars by 2021. Market share is increasing every year. Also, focusing on Asia is very important. Some countries don’t have a legal framework for the gaming industry. For example, In Japan, we got new regulatory authority regarding the Casino industry from July, 2019.

Blockchain in the gambling industry

Over the years, we see the massive growth of blockchain systems. Many cryptocurrencies use a blockchain system, and people love it. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have a decentralized platform. No banks, legal authorities, or third parties – your transactions are free from everything. At the same time, transactions through blockchain systems are smooth.

The gambling industry is just getting used to new trends. Cryptocurrencies will be another massive hit for 2020. We see the adaptation from online real money casinos to new platforms that accept various blockchain based transactions. The rise of trends will reach maximum potential in 2020. Slowly, crypto is changing traditional payment options. If the Casinos don’t adapt to Bitcoin payment options, then those platforms won’t have a future on the market.

The synergy of VR and Casino games

Casino owners are always trying to improve online games, themes, topics, storylines, etc. All those things are done for attention and comfortable playing experience. VR will make the player’s experience even better. There are many start-up companies already working on improving current VR technologies. Facebook VR will be the biggest on the market. The VR system will enhance creative narratives and storylines.

Mobile gaming apps

Modern people love carrying everything in the pocket. Music, books, newspapers, and social networks are already in our pocket with the help of smartphones. The same relates to Casino players; they value comfort to quickly access to popular slots or games with jackpots. Modern casinos should create applications that make players comfortable. To dominate 2020, Casino operators should get ready even now. So, adapting to all those trends would make casino operators better players on the market.

Image credit: online gaming industry via Evgeniy pavlovski/Shutterstock