Kanpur boy develops air purifier robot

With concerns over air pollution increasing by the day, a Class 11 student from Kanpur has developed a unique robot that soaks up pollutants from the air and acts as a purifier.

Pranjal, and his classmate Aarendra, have invented an ‘Air Purifier Robot’ that comes with an air purifier machine installed within it.

“With rising air pollution, I thought of building a robot that could purify the air in the environment and soak pollutants at the same time. We have installed a purifier within the device for this purpose,” said Pranjal.

When operational, the robot can filter the polluted air and clean air would be released in the atmosphere whereas the polluted particles will remain behind in the air filter inside.

“Pranjal is our future scientist, he has also helped a lot in the school lab. I am incredibly proud of the boy and the robot that he has built. Air pollution is a major concern of recent times and therefore, his invention seems more worthy than ever,” said Pooja Awasthi, his school principal.

Pranjal plans to consult some senior scientists on his invention and make improvisations, if needed.