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IPS exam

Indian police Service Exams or IPS Exam in Short. IPS Exam is one of the Civil Services Exams. Therefore, every year, the Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam every year. The Exam held on the national level. And it has 24 services to provide. Therefore, we have listed the IPS Exam Eligibility Details. Read them carefully.

IPS Exam Eligibility Details


  • Firstly, The candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidates who are subject of Nepal can also apply for IPS Exams. Similarly, the subjects of Bhutan are also eligible for the exam.
  • A candidate will be eligible if he belongs to Tibetan Refugee who moves to India before Jan 1, 1962, permanently.
  • A candidate will also eligible if he/she moves to India permanently from the following countries.
    Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam, Zaire, Ethiopia, Tanzania, etc.

Physical Criteria

1. Height

The minimum height of the candidate should be 165cm for Men and 150cm for Women.

However, Some relaxations are given to the candidates. Like SC/ST category or races like Nagaland Tribals, Garhwalis, Kumaonis, Assamese, Gorkhas, etc. Therefore, the minimum height for these candidates is 160cm for Men and 145 cm for Women.

2. Chest

The minimum chest girth of the candidate should be 84cm for Men and 79cm for Women.

3. Myopia (with cylinder)

The myopia of the candidate (both Men and Women) should not exceed plus 4.00D.

4. Hypermyopia (with cylinder)

  • Firstly, Spectacles are allowed.
  • Squint should not be present.
  • Distant vision must be 6/6 or 6/9 for Corrected Vision or better Eye.
  • Distant Vision must be 6/12 0r 6/9 for Uncorrected vision or Worse Eye.
  • The near vision of the candidate should be J1 and J2.
  • Binocular vision and High-grade vision is mandatory.


For applying for IPS Examinations, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree. And that should be from some UGC recognized Universities.

Age Criteria

A candidate should have an age minimum of 21 Years and a maximum of 32 Years as on 1st August of that Year. You can calculate your exact age using this online tool.

Government has provided some relaxations for candidates belongs to different category.

  • OBC (Other Backward Classes) candidates:
    The relaxations in the Max Age limit is 3 Years. As a result, OBC candidates can apply for IPS up to 35 years of age.
  • SC/ST (Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes) candidates:
    The relaxation in the Max Age limit is 5 years. So, SC/ST candidates can apply for the IPS exam up to 37 years of age.
  • J&K Candidates:
    The relaxation for the candidates of Jammu & Kashmir is of 5 years. That means they can apply for the IPS exam up to 37 years of Age.
  • Ex-Servicemen Candidates:
    The relaxation in the Maximum age limit is 5 Years. As a result, they can apply for IPS up to 37 years of age. This includes the candidates who have given 5 years to Military Service. Like ECOs/SSCOs and commissioned officers.
  • Defense Service Personnel candidates:
    The relaxation in the max age limit for applying for the IPS exam is 5 years. So, they are eligible for the IPS Exam up to 37 years of age.
  • Handicapped Candidates:
    The relaxation that is given in the Max age limit is of 10 years. Therefore, this is for the Candidates who are blind, deaf, mute or physically handicapped. So, they can apply for the  IPS Exam up to 42 years of Age.

Number of Attempts:

The number of tries, that different candidates from different categories can attempt, are as follows.

  • General Candidates: Maximum 7 attempts up to 32 years of age.
  • OBC (Other Backward Class): Maximum 9 Attempts up to 35 years of age.
  • SC/ST (Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes): Unlimited Attempts up to 37 years of age.
  • Physically Handicapped: Maximum 9 Attempts for OBC and General candidates. And Unlimited attempts for SC/ST.

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