iPhone 6 Wish List: What Changes People Want in Next iPhone?

iphone 6

The iPhone 6 launch is quite a long way far and though no solid rumors are there about what this device will appear like or what all features Apple Inc. will include in this smartphone, there are lots of healthy rumors. There are some things which almost everyone would love to see from new iPhone 6.

When Apple last month announced that it sold about 9 million iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models during their very first week of availability, market was abuzz on what the company really had achieved, and a few questioned whether this number were accurate or not.

But now just few weeks later, market researchers, analysts, and journalists already have begun speculating on what features may, or possibly should get shown up in the next iPhone 6. In order to prove this, just Google for this “iPhone  6” expression and you will notice a continual trail of comments, rumors from analysts and any random fan’s guesswork on what next Apple’s handset might look like. From talk of large screen sizes to a likelihood of Apple adding some new components, the hope for this iPhone 6 has hit the tipping point already.

The anticipation and chatter might also say a lot about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C—two products which might not convey the level of richness and value in experience that clients would have really liked to see in their new phone. This post will have a look at evolution of iPhone to date in order to suggest what all features Apple need to include in the next iPhone 6 wish list.

iphone 6

So, below is the iPhone 6 wish list which includes 10 major things that people wish to see in the next iPhone:

Increase Screen to About 5 Inches

Peter Misek, Jefferies analyst who has been genuinely following Apple for numerous years, predicted recently that the next iPhone 6 will come with 4.8-inches screen. What’s more, its display could stretch completely from one edge to another. When compared with a few of its competitors, like HTC’s One Max and Samsung Galaxy S 4, the display on iPhone 5S looks pretty small. Hopefully, this will be addressed nicely with iPhone 6.

It Obviously Must Have A8 Processor

Another element in iPhone 6 wish list is A8 processor. Every new iPhone release delivers a latest processor with overall improved device usability and faster performance. Doesn’t it makes sense then that iPhone 6 should definitely come with the new A8 processor (in opposition to the greatly rumored A7X chip) in order to deliver better performance than chip powering iPhone 5S currently.

Apple Must Improve its Battery Life in iPhone 6

One amongst the biggest complaints, the users have come up with iPhone 5 and the iOS 7 is a drop in battery life. This issue got addressed in a current software update; however, as an owner of iPhone 5 myself, I could say that this problem hasn’t been fixed totally. It would be really good to see Apple spending more time enhancing battery life of iPhone 6. Apple claims iPhone 5S delivers complete talk time of 10 hours on 3G. However, reviewers have found out that its battery runs out quite much sooner than this. Apple needs proper “all-day” battery’s life in its next iPhone.

Wireless Charging Is Also Overdue in Next iPhone

There was a little rumor in the markets prior to its launch that Apple might consist of wireless charging with iPhone 5S. However, this didn’t happen. iPhone 6 now is the next most excellent hope for those people who wish for wireless charging. So, wireless charging is another element in iPhone 6 wish list. Considering the companies such as Nokia and smaller third-party accessories makers have been actually doing it since many years, then what’s still stopping Apple?

Incorporated Infrared appears to Be Future

Apple’s major competitor, Samsung, brought complete infrared control to Galaxy’s S 4. This feature lets the users turn the Smartphone into remote control in their home to operate about any kind of IR-ready devices. Granted, it’s small feature now. However, considering that Logitech was forced outside of the worldwide remote businesses and more numbers of TV makers now are supporting smartphones controls for their TVs, it seems like good move for Apple now to bring this IR control to iPhone 6. And if nothing else, then it might work quite well if Apple TV ever seen light of the day.

Camera of Quite-Professional Quality Can Be Nice

Apple improves its own iPhone camera each year, thus it shouldn’t surprise anybody if this company does it this time again. However, with iPhone 6, it’d really be good to see Apple spending considerable time boosting of its camera’s abilities by improving its lens, the flash and the aperture. iPhone 5S camera tends to be nice, with its true tone flash and 5-element lens. But there’s more which can be done surely.

Try Out Some Drastic New Materials

Now, what’s new on Apple design plan? As per numerous analysts, it has new materials to build its products. Years back, Apple built its devices with plastic. After that, it went to aluminum and glass. Now, it is being said that Apple will be using liquid metal and perhaps even sapphire. Because Apple likes to merge design materials quite frequently, wouldn’t it be really nice to observe if new material, such as sapphire, could make some sense in mobile?

Support for All Latest Wireless Technology

It was fairly disappointing that Apple included the 802.11N connectivity only in its iPhone 5S. Wireless industry has dramatically changed, and now, the folks can link to the 802.11ac networks that offer greater range and more throughputs. It’d be great if Apple delivers the advanced wireless technology also in its next iPhone.

What Everyone Else Wish For: NFC

For years, the analysts in market have been saying that Apple would add a NFC or near-field communication support to its next iPhone. However, Apple hasn’t been obliged till now. Still, Web searches illustrate that when question comes up regarding what all features people wish for in the iPhone 6 wish list, certainly there will be lots of comments requesting the near-field communication. Therefore, will 2014 be the year finally when Apple changes mind on NFC?

Extra Storage Capacity

It really makes no sense, Apple didn’t boosted iPhone 5S capacity of storage. Customers looking to purchase this device can select between 64GB and 16GB of storage. As iPad comes with storage of 128GB, it might have made sense also for Apple to present the same in the flagship handset. In its place, it kept clients to artificial limit without reasoning behind it. However, Apple should bring 128GB storage in its iPhone 6; it’s exactly what the whole world wants in iPhone 6 wish list.