WordPress Builds a Free Instant Article Plugin for Facebook

As you have heard a few days back that Facebook announced the Instant Article feature for all publishers around the world,will be released on April 12, 2016.

Instant Articles will make your website articles appear fast and interactive for Facebook users. Basically if someone opens your site from Facebook he/she will see a faster, a slight different UI than you site that will ensure better visibility and quick access to your website’s content.

WordPress has partnered with Facebook for the launch of a plugin that will make your website Instant Article ready.

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This is really a good news for all the publishers around the world, as more than 25% of websites in the world is running on WordPress.

Right now the plugin is in Beta stage and can be downloaded, from Github , you can also contribute by submitting reports.

It will be available for Self hosted WordPress Sites, in the WordPress.org plugin repository in some time.

As a Facebook user and WordPress site owner I am rejoicing the fact that my site will open as fast as news websites on Fb are opening these days, but it’s still a dilemma whether this Instant articles will bring me more visitors or more advertisers or people will use Facebook even more moving from my site.

But users will be benefitted and I am sure we stay benefiting our users, it will help us in building more web traffic.

Download / Sumit / Comit report on Github for new WordPress Instant Article Plugin

Source: fb.com