Instagram Feed Recommendations: How to switch off for a Whole Month

Instagram might be walking back its received TikTok-style redesign and slashing down on the app’s constant avalanche of recommendations, but that won’t control recommended content from appearing in your feed altogether.

It turns out there’s a fix you might not be aware of; I didn’t even know it was a forte until Instagram head Adam Mosseri casually cited it in one of his Stories before this week.

It’s possible to snooze recommendations and suggested posts from your primary Instagram feed for 30 days. Hallelujah! And even better — it only takes a couple of taps. So take more control over your feed, except for all the ads.

Scroll through your primary Instagram feed until you come across a recommended post. These are usually accompanied by reasons for seeing them, such as “because you watched a reel from ____” or “because you follow ____.”

Tap the X at the upper right. Upon doing so, you’ll see text confirming that the specific post has been hidden. But we’re not satisfied eliminating just one recommendation, my friends. We want to be free from as many of them as imaginable.

From the options listed, tap on snooze all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days.

After that, a green checkmark will appear, with confirmation that your feed won’t contain suggested posts for the next 30 days.

And with that, you’re all set. Remember that clearing your feed of suggested posts won’t stop you from seeing Instagram’s many in-feed advertisements. But it’s handy to take at least some more significant control over how the app works for you.

Don’t overlook that you can also now sort your feed chronologically by tapping the Instagram logo at the upper left and choosing Following.

Like any other social media app and platform, Instagram is all about being spontaneous. New trends emerge every day and get people talking. So many brands and businesses came to light because of trends that started thanks to social media.

Therefore, you must stay aware of the content and things that are trending or getting viral. Being aware of trends will offer many creative insights to you and allow you to add something new and trendy to your feed. Being in sync with trends will allow you to project yourself and your brand as stylish and aware. Awareness of what’s new will give you a broader reach on Instagram.

Simply being aware of what is hot and trending is not enough. It would help if you did something about it. Therefore as soon as you understand the content or material getting viral or attention, think about ways to use it in your content or product. After all, what’s the point of having the bestselling story if you do not publish it? Trends are something that people are interested in and a sure-shot way of getting their attention.

Therefore, you must create something around it or use hashtags related to similar content. The users who would not have ordinarily visited your profile will be able to watch your content based on these trending hashtags. Therefore use them as soon as they appear and gain massive Instagram followers.

It is possible that you have creed a nice for yourself or your brand by now, and there is only a particular type of content that you post. But what to do when the trending news or content is not in line with your tone or content style? Add your twist to it and make it uniquely yours. To catch up with a trend does not necessarily mean that you must follow it blindly; value and creativity lie in adding a twist to something already over the internet.

You can post something in, one with it, something contradictory, or add it as a pattern breaker in your feed. And when your take on a trending piece reaches the audience, it will allow them to appreciate your views and creativity. It is a very organic way to have a broader reach on Instagram.

The most vital aspect that decides the success or failure of your brand, profile, or business is offering the audiences something they are looking for. Is it something that adds value to their life or experience? It is the golden question everyone seeks an answer to, and most of the time, brands fail to reach the place where the correct answer lies.

However, the general public can help you understand what they are looking for rather than your random epiphany. Therefore as part of your marketing strategy, emphasize audience and user interaction. Going live, asking questions, posting polls, and having surveys will offer insight into what the audience wants to see or buy. With this vital information, you can spend your energy creating something they truly want rather than creating something that may not catch their eye.

Your brain may not always be full of new ideas, and you will likely feel stagnated after a while. But collaborating with someone is a great way to get out of this phase and deliver something great simultaneously. Influencer or brand collaboration will allow you to get creative ideas from the best in the business and an opportunity to create a broader reach on Instagram by getting visibility in their fanbase.

You can create a strong Instagram following by targeting one audience group at a time. You do not have to rush to reach everyone on Instagram with a single post. Instead, take some time out, create posts, and use hashtags to target the audience that will enjoy your content and provide quality engagement.

Even though it might sound like an uphill battle, you are likely to have a massive follower list successfully with the right services and algorithms. It can be very daunting to create content for your feed and manage marketing, but it is achievable with some help.

You can use services that allow you to buy followers and likes for your Instagram account. It is a beautiful way to promote your audience base and enable you to implement your marketing skills effectively.