India calls for cooperation of tech cos, nations to stop disinformation

India has called for joint action by technology companies and nations to stop disinformation campaigns that is endangering the lives of millions.

“We need greater collaboration among states and other stakeholders including technology companies, to stop spread of misinformation and disinformation, and to build strong counter narratives based on reason, science and empathy,” Paulomi Tripathi, a counsellor at India’s UN Mission, told the General Assembly’s High-Level Forum on the Culture of Peace on Thursday.

She deplored the campaigns of misinformation and disinformation “which have put lives and livelihoods of millions at risk, divided communities with fake news and doctored videos and undermined the trust in public authorities to tackle the disease”.

“The pandemic has demonstrated the existential dilemma of an information society.

“The lack of access to information continue to stifle key decision-making processes and positive social change.

“We need to bolster access to information to ensure informed decision making at all levels and to empower women and youth,” Tripathi added.