Hurricane Iota impacts over 357k people in Honduras

At least 357,339 people were impacted by hurricane Iota as it passed through Honduras, according to authorities.

In a preliminary report of the damage caused by Iota, which reached El Salvador ion Wednesday as a tropical depression, the Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO) said 61,228 Hondurans had been forced to evacuate to 750 shelters, reports Xinhua news agency.

Heavy rains caused 42 rivers and streams to overflow, damaged two bridges and cut off two towns.

It also triggered four massive landslides and 31 road collapses, and flooding or damaging some 7,078 houses, leaving two homes completely destroyed.

The COPECO did not specify the number of deaths caused by the storm, but local media have reported three so far based on regional reports from relief agencies.

COPECO said it would maintain a nationwide red alert, issued on November 15, indefinitely, as potential landslides continued to present a danger.

Honduras was also battered by tropical storm Eta earlier this month that left 57 people dead and eight others missing.