How Does a DDoS Attack Affect your Business?

DDoS affect on your business

DDoS attacks occur relatively frequently these days and they can severely compromise the safety and security of a website. When a DDoS attack takes place, all of the information on your site is open to attack, including corporate and customer information.

Most importantly, your customers’ stored purchase details such as their bank account numbers are rendered extremely vulnerable.A DDoS attack can also result in the complete shutdown of your website.

From a consumer standpoint, a website that is prone to crashing is inherently unsafe, and in today’s lightning fast world, the information that your website is problematic to use will spread like wildfire.

Add to that the possibility that their sensitive information might be compromised, and customers will avoid your website like the plague.

fingerprinting a ddos attack infographic


And not surprisingly, the net result is a devastating loss of business, all because of DDoS attacks that could have been prevented by the simple application of a DDoS mitigation system.

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