How do online gambling companies use social networks

The Internet of today is pretty much centered around a couple of sites. This is why the best online casinos use these sites to reach more people. 

With Facebook being the most popular website on the internet, you would think that the gambling giants would start using it from the beginning. Or would they?

In reality, however, it took quite a while for most of the experienced game developers to jump on the bandwagon. Now, there are a lot of things game developers do on Facebook and the other social platforms. Here are the most important aspects of using them.


Facebook gaming

The main advantage of Facebook over the other social platforms is that it allows apps. You can’t play a game on Instagram or Twitter. On Facebook, there are dozens of games you can play. From Happy Farm or some kind of Candy Crush copycat that your mom plays on her way to work to poker tournaments. Facebook has to offer something to anyone.

Many companies felt this trend and started presenting their games on the site. Right now you can legally play online slots for fun on Facebook. They are legal as far as you don’t actually gamble, so you can’t win or lose real money. But if online gambling becomes legal, Facebook can get instantly richer.

Giants like SG Gaming and smaller developers like Yggdrasil use this platform to announce their games and give people a closer look. There’s even a whole set of Facebook-only developers who emerged on the platform and earn revenue from in-game purchases.

Brand awareness

You can’t be a big brand if no one hears about your success. With vast amounts of people spending their time on Facebook and Twitter, social networks are ideal for spreading the word about your company.

Online slot developers use most social networks to announce the news about the company, waiting for them to be picked up by the media. This mostly involves press releases and announcing new titles.

Facebook and Twitter go on par in terms of the audience. However, even the biggest companies like NetEnt and SG Gaming don’t have more than a couple of thousands of followers. Instagram accounts of these companies have significantly fewer followers and focus on the life of the companies rather than their products.

Facebook ads

Google earns significantly more than Facebook on ads, and more people use Google daily. However, there are several reasons why game developers and online casino operators prefer to use Facebook for their advertising efforts.

On Facebook, you can narrow down the audience who sees the ad to your target audience. Age, location, marital status, even the groups they like and the games they play, all of it comes to the equation.

This allows gambling companies to invite people who are already playing Facebook slots and are interested in playing casino games for real money. It is legal to place casino ads on Facebook, but the procedure of approving them is quite harsher than for less controversial industries.

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