How Dell strengthened its branding based on an in-depth knowledge of its customers

dell lattitude

If you have a business, then it’s ‘your business’ to know everything about your customers. After all, knowing your customer is the first step to building your brand. As many successful companies have already proven. Research suggests that customers are happier and provide more value to the organizations that cater to their individual requirements. So, the more you know about your customers, their requirements, and their preferences, the more effectively you will be able to market your products. 

Dell, for example, is a brand that is known to keep its fingers on the pulse of its customers’ requirements. So much so that it develops its products to ensure that they go well with the fast-evolving requirements of its customers. And probably, this is one of the key reasons leading to the ever-growing popularity of Dell products.

A recent case showing how Dell makes the most of KYC as their success ingredient is the brand film around its Latitude 7000 Series. Built mainly for the c-suite level or the decision-makers, this laptop series is made not only to impress customers with its high-end speed or flashy design but also to emerge as their reliable computing partner to completement their performance. Unlike many other laptops of the same range, this series delivers on both the points—thereby, making it at par with the leaders daring to dream big and constantly strive to achieve more.

This very message defining Dell Latitude 7000 Series was depicted beautifully in its just released brand film. In the film, the brand beautifully tapped into its customers’ mindset—who belong to the top rung of the corporate ladder. While others see the perks and luxury of staying at the top without realizing what got successful CXOs there or what keeps them there, the film projects Dell Latitude 7000 Series as an ideal machine that understands the journey just as much as today’s CXOs know. A machine that these leaders need while navigating the uncharted waters in the ever-evolving business world.

The film shows how this machine—backed by its cutting-edge features and functionality—mirrors these leaders’ attitude and capability. How this machine can keep up with the pressures that leaders face. And most importantly, how it is not only reflective of these leaders’ stature but is also powerful enough to match their performance. Unlike other brands, Dell understands there is more to the role of a CXOs than meets common eyes. And this brand film resonates it louder.

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