How Better Broadband Connections are helping High Tech Workers to Work from Home

The traditional way to work is getting obsolete in some specific industries. This gives rise to the new trend of working from home. It is mostly applicable to different types of businesses. Some of these are writing, translating, telesales, research, and customer services. The main reason behind this changing trend is the advent of better broadband connections.

Following are ways that indicate how better broadband connections contribute well to working from home:

Emergence of New Businesses

Now that many employers prefer to hire freelancers, various websites support them too. This means that new businesses are emerging. These businesses work as a bridge between employers and employees. One good example of such business is odesk.com.

Odesk.com enables clients to pay virtual workers on per hour basis. They can keep track of their performance by documenting the time with uploaded video and screenshots.

Moreover, many small companies look forward to hiring freelance workers for managing their brand’s social media marketing. Since they do not require high operational costs, they prefer to hire social media executives who can work from home. This is again convenient for the employer as well as employees.

A Good Opportunity for Working Parents

Better broadband connections have given a new opportunity to working parents. This also applies to stay-at-home moms. Previously, they did not have any option to work. This is because caring for their children was the main responsibility they had. However, due to the advent of high-speed broadband Internet, they can work from home.

Since childcare responsibilities are not hindered this way, many parents look forward to work from home. After all, what else one wants if he/she can earn money responsibly from home.

Improved Employee Retention

Just like employees are benefiting from technology, employers benefit too. Working mothers can have various home-related issues. Due to this reason, employee absenteeism rate increases. This definitely affects the performance of the organization. Better broadband connections have helped employers improve employee retention. Now they can retain the best talent working from home.

Reduced Costs for Employers

Better broadband connections help them reduce their business costs. If they hire an employee, you will have to pay for his commuting charges as well. There are also other costs associated with hiring full-time employees. For instance, you will have to pay them higher salaries along with benefits. Secondly, a running business with a physical existence always incurs recruiting costs, space costs, and employees’ travelling costs.

Videoconferencing from Home

In this fast-paced technological era, it does not matter if the time and location are different. Even if your organization is located in a distant place that hinders you to have face-to-face meetings with clients, then video conferencing is the right solution. This indicates that video conferencing supported by high-speed broadband connection eventually eliminates travelling costs.

Similarly, if you are managing a global business, you save a lot of operational costs with videoconferencing. This is because there is no need to call your employees from different locations for a monthly meeting. It saves a lot of time as employees just have to attend a virtual meeting and then they get back to their work.


Many employers think that technology harms their security of databases. On the contrary,broadband experts share their opinion that technology provides security to businesses. Some organizations coordinate with employees through virtual private networks. High-speed Internet connection enables them to connect with the organization through an intranet or extranet. Although a virtual private network is a bit expensive, it is the most secured way to coordinate with employees.

Decrease in Discrimination

Previously, it was quite challenging for disabled people to work. But now, changing trends bring better opportunities for them. Broadband Expert says that high-tech disabled people prefer to work from home. Along with Internet skills, the only thing they need is a better broadband connection.

This definitely helps in reducing the level of discrimination among employees. Organizations can hire talented individuals regardless of their disabilities. After all, it is the competitiveness that matters the most.

Reduced Commuting Time

Working at home eliminates the need to commute. This results in reduced interruptions at work. Since there is no need to commute, commuting time is saved. A virtual worker can spend that saved time in any other productive work.

About Author : The above article is composed and edited by Donna B. She is associated with many technology communities and including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to dongle , internet technology, mobile applications, seo etc.