Houston to resume public events with limits

Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, will resume public events and gatherings with strict limitations, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Mayor said that the city will permit events with a small audience, allowing up to 25 per cent of a venue’s normal occupancy, reports Xinhua news agency.

Every attendee is required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

They are also subject to temperature check and a Covid-19 questionnaire.

Events in uncontrolled spaces, such as parades and festivals, will likely be on hold through the rest of the year.

“We all have a part to play,” Turner tweeted.

“As an audience member, we have a responsibility to adhere to the guidelines posted … wear masks, social distance, wash and sanitize our hands often and stay at home if we don’t feel well.”

It has been six months since the first Covid-19 case was identified in the Houston area, which resulted in the abrupt end of the Houston Livestock Show and the Rodeo in March.

Since then, official events, such as conventions and sporting realms were called off over fears of the virus’ spread.

Houston city has so far reported a total of 112,762 Covid-19 cases and 1,490 deaths.