Hema Malini wants Mathura to be included in NCR

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Hema Malini has now sought the inclusion of Mathura in the National Capital Region (NCR) in order to boost prospects of international tourism in the holy city.

Hema Malini, while interacting with a group of reporters in a virtual meeting on Wednesday, said, “There is immense tourism potential present in Mathura. If tapped properly, it will open the gates for international tourists.”

She said that this will not only solve the problem of unemployment, but will also help in the overall development of Mathura.

She said that more than six years ago, she had urged the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to send a proposal to the NCR Planning Board to include the temple town in the NCR.

Malini said she also gave a written request to the Union Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs to include Mathura in the NCR.

The NCR Planning Board has asked Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to send their proposals for including or excluding areas in the NCR. After the receipt of the proposals, the board will take action.

Hema Malini said she will again urge Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to send the proposal to include Mathura in the NCR for speedy action.

“Once Mathura becomes a part of the NCR, the amenities here will be at par with Delhi, and foreign tourists visiting Agra for Taj Mahal can stay here for at least one night,” she said.

Holi celebrations in Mathura attract international tourists, while the government and Jain museums here offer a world class experience owing to their specialty in Buddha, Jain and Kushan period exhibits, the MP said.

The culture of Mathura, including Raas Lila, could be presented through a ballet or other programmes in front of Kusum Sarovar Goverdhan and K.C. Ghat Vrindavan, known for their architectural beauty, the MP said.

Highlighting the different experiences offered by the temple town, Hema Malini said there is Govardhan Parikrama for those seeking spirituality while a chopper service gives a panoramic view of the Govardhan hillock spread across 22 kilometres. Those seeking adventure, can visit the Sun temple by trekking, she said.