Hardware and Software I Use for Designing Websites

As I have mentioned in my about page, that I am a web designer and that’s how I started my career in IT. I have made several website for my clients and from server setups to coding to SEO, I have done almost everything a website needs.

The major part of making a website can be done when you have correct Hardware that suits your style and a web programming language that you master in.

Of course, you can’t master a language totally but yes you have to learn coding to build a website.

In this article, I will show you how I make websites, which software do I use and what hardware do I have at home and office.

The Hardware

Right now I am using the latest Mac OS X as my Operating system and its running on my Macbook Pro. I started my career on Windows and I jumped to Mac, as I read hundreds of articles why Mac is better than Windows.

And one day I made a decision to switch over and it’s been 5 years since I haven’t used Windows as my primary OS. I am really satisfied with my Mac, It hardly crashes and I don’t have to worry about hiccups and viruses. I don’t use any Antivirus Software on my system. I never had trouble with my Mac.

The Software

Making websites need you to have software, and it entirely depend on the requirement what type of site you need. For a standard HTML site, you can use free software like Notepad and for dynamic websites you can use a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

I use Adobe Dreamweaver for coding and Adobe Photoshop for Designing websites. I use CMS systems to build websites but if a client wants some complex coding, I choose an MVC platform like CodeIgniter and Zend.

That’s it, are you a coder? A designer or a blogger? What software do you use to design a page or a logo? Do tell us from the comment section below.

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