Google to fix new Chrome version for Apple Macs with M1 chip

After experiencing a snag on Apple Mac devices with M1 silicon chip, Google was set to roll out a compatible version of Chrome for new macOS products on Wednesday.

Google rolled out the new Chrome version on Tuesday but it crashed unexpectedly on new Mac devices with Apple silicon chips.

“We hit a bit of a snag with our rollout of the M1-native build of Chrome, so to keep our users in a good place, we paused that rollout and will pick it up again tomorrow. If you already have the M1 build, we have a workaround,” Mark Chang, a Chrome product manager, said in a tweet on Wednesday.

Google earlier said that it updated the Chrome download page to include a new version of Chrome optimized for new macOS devices featuring an Apple processor.

“We’ve discovered that the version of Chrome made available for download today may crash unexpectedly.

“This should only affect users who have installed Chrome today, and only on new macOS devices with an Apple processor,” the company said in a support page.

Google said its team has identified a fix and will be making it available soon.

Apple’s first Apple Silicon-based Macs with its new M1 processor include the new fanless MacBook Air and updates to both the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini.

Apple has also released macOS Big Sur as a free software update which is the biggest Mac update in years and brings new design enhancements to Safari, Messages, Maps, and privacy, and is engineered for Apple’s powerful in-house M1 chip.