Google Stadia announces ‘good stuff’ with new games, demos

Google has announced that some ‘good stuff’ is coming for its Stadia Cloud gaming service users, starting October 20.

The move is expected to showcase new games coming to Stadia, along with some exclusive demos for users. The multi-day event will start on the official Stadia YouTube channel.

“Good stuff is coming! We’ll be lighting up your week with three days of announcements, reveals, and other surprises. And if that wasn’t enough, we will have three games you can try right away. It all starts October 20,” the company said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft revealed “Gods And Monsters” had been renamed to “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” and may have a Stadia-exclusive demo.

Stadia Pro members also received five new games for free with Stadia Pro..

Five new games for free with Stadia Pro are Strange Brigade, Kona, Metro 2033 Redux, Just Shapes And Beats as well as Rock of Ages 3: Make And Break.

The US-based search engine giant also announced a new Stadia experiment that lets users play games on mobile devices over 4G and 5G cellular networks.