Google shares cool handy tips for video calling app Meet

Google has listed some handy tips to make the most of its video calling app Meet, to avoid things to go wrong during a call like a shaky camera or bad lighting.

The company informed that when using Google Meet on your phone, video is now automatically enhanced to adapt to low-light conditions.

“Consider your background. Choose one that isn’t distracting and matches your personality and mood. In the coming months, we’ll make it easy to blur your background or replace it with an image of your choice,” said Samir Pradhan, Group Product Manager, G Suite.

Meet currently enables you to see 16 participants simultaneously alongside any content that’s being presented.

“We’re planning to add more improvements here, including letting you see up to 49 participants at once and adding self-view to your tiled layout,” Pradhan said in a statement on Friday.

You don’t need to navigate away from your Gmail inbox to join or start a meeting.

Just click “Start a meeting” or “Join a meeting” directly from the sidebar in Gmail. Once there, you can invite more people to join.

For G Suite customers, Meet lets you use your phone for audio while still using your computer’s camera and web browser to share and see video and presentations in the meeting.

This can be done by dialing into the call directly or by having Meet call your phone directly.

“When presenting with Meet, you can choose to show your entire screen, a specific window, or a Chrome tab,” Google said.

Google’s Meet teleconferencing service is now adding about three million users per day.