Google Play saw 28.3bn downloads in Q3, Apple App Store at 8.2bn

Google Play store saw 28.3 billion downloads in the third quarter this year, a 31 per cent increase compared to last year. Apples App Store managed 8.2 billion total downloads in Q3.

According to data gathered by SafeBettingSites, Google Play registered downloads three times more than Apple App Store.

Over 80.6 billion apps have been downloaded on Google Play since the beginning of the year, while the Apple App Store saw 26.6 billion combined downloads to date, reports GSMArena.

Google Play has the largest app portfolio with over 2.7 million total apps (a 5.85 per cent increase compared to the previous quarter), ahead of the App Store’s 1.82 million apps.

The most downloaded category of apps on the Play Store belongs to gaming with 13.49 per cent downloads, followed by education (9.11 per cent) and business (6.95 per cent).

App Store downloads peaked at 9.3 billion in the first three months of the year. However, the number of downloads has been falling since then, reaching 8.2 billion in the third quarter.

Windows Store and Amazon Store follow with 669,000 and 450,000 available apps, respectively.