Google Maps to get more visual appeal with colourful update

Google is rolling out new visual improvements which would add more detail and colourful update to Maps service, making it easier to understand what an area looks like.

The update will be available worldwide and will cover a variety of natural and manmade features.

“Whether you are exploring a new place or gearing up to head around town, you can use Google Maps to see a more colourful, easy-to-understand representation of the world starting this week. To see natural features, zoom out on Google Maps,” Sujoy Banerjee, Product Manager, Google Maps said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company is also working on updated street maps that show “the accurate shape and width of a road to scale.”

It will also contain more information about sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and mid-road islands so that more people can safely navigate busy intersections.

The more detailed street images will start rolling out in London, New York and San Francisco in the coming months.

Google said the more detailed maps will be available in the 220 countries already supported by Google Maps, “from the biggest metropolitan areas to small, rural towns.”

Google Maps is now compatible with Apple CarPlay Dashboard on all supported vehicles globally and the Maps app for Apple Watch will start rolling out globally in the coming weeks.

According to the company, people using iOS devices can safely and easily navigate with Google Maps right from their car or wrist.