Google Launches Virtual Makeup Try-on

Google launches Virtual Makeup Try-on as online shopping has been skyrocketed during this pandemic year.

The virtual makeup try-on is now emerging as an essential tool in the beauty industry. After several giants in the sector, it is Google’s turn to offer its users the possibility of virtually trying on makeup essentials sold by several cosmetic brands.

It’s hard to buy a lipstick or eye shadow without having been able to test them on your skin tone. Yet this is what would have happened during the two confinements if the virtual makeup try-on had not been invited on our smartphones. Let’s say it, and he clearly saved the day!

Encountered the acceleration of digitalization in certain sectors, this tool that we owe to augmented reality appears essential, including fashion and beauty.

Google Launches Virtual Makeup Try-on

And if some brands had already anticipated this transformation long before the health crisis, others are stepping up to offer this innovative service to their users. This is the case with Google, which is now enriching its augmented reality search engine to allow everyone to test a selection of makeup essentials offered by several brands.

Several features were launched this week in the United States to improve your shopping experience, and as often, they should soon be landing in the rest of the world.

The shopping journey and experience have been totally transformed by the global pandemic, for which 2020 will clearly have been a pivotal year. If stores still have a bright future ahead of them, there is no doubt that brands will – if they have not already done so – accelerate so that virtual shopping becomes more and more a physical experience – and vice versa.

While waiting to discover these innovations, a web giant is experimenting with the virtual makeup try-on, with ModiFace and Perfect Corpin partnership, offering the possibility of testing different shades and textures of lipsticks and shadows to eyelids from brands like L’Oréal, MAC Cosmetics, and Charlotte Tilbury.

Google doesn’t stop there, as it’s also possible to get recommendations on products that catch your eye. Anybody can find advice and recommendations from enthusiasts and experts in various fields, on fashion and beauty, by browsing Google Shopping.

The first tools must be able to quickly give way to a complete overhaul of the services dedicated to the purchase of cosmetics online in the coming years, or even the coming months.