Google launches virtual experiences platform ‘Fundo’ for creators

Google has launched a new virtual experience platform for creators called Fundo that will help the community perform live and interactive, face-to-face video chats via an end-to-end platform.

A product of Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator for experimental projects, the platform is now available for all creators in the US and Canada, with more locations coming soon.

“Fundo also gives creators new monetisation options to support what they do. Event hosts are in control of ticket prices and any discounts, including free events if preferred,” Google said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Some creators using YouTube channel memberships offer Fundo ‘Meet & Greets’ exclusively to channel members as a premium perk.

“In addition to YouTube creators and their fans, we’re seeing authors, fitness instructors, business and lifestyle consultants and others use Fundo to find new ways to connect,” Google said.

Fans can discover events happening on Fundo via home page, or through links shared directly by their favourite creators.

“Safety is a top priority. Because Fundo is checking everyone’s ticket, there’s no risk of uninvited guests. We also have reporting and flagging features to curtail abuse,” Google said.