Google donates $2.4 million to support LGBTQ+ movement

Google has donated more than $2.4 million to over 70 local LGBTQ+ organisations around the world and its own The Trevor Project.

The $1.2 million donation to more than 70 organisations is done via Google.org which are located in cities around the world.

“As diverse as the local communities they serve, these organizations create cherished spaces to embrace our intersections and individuality, organize against injustice, and provide access to services,” said Maab Ibrahim Programme Manager, Google.org.

For the most vulnerable LGBTQ+ communities, including Black+ communities experiencing the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 and racial injustice, these spaces and services are essential.

Every year, an estimated 1.8 million LGBTQ+ youth seriously consider suicide in the US, and the lifeline, text, and chat crisis services at The Trevor Project – a Google.org grantee = are experiencing their highest demand in 22 years.

“The Trevor Project’s work is life-saving, which is why we’re providing $1.2 million to build on our existing work with them,” said Google.

In addition, a new cohort of Google.org Fellows will help The Trevor Project use natural language processing to automate the moderation of crisis content on its online forums and instruct counselors through a virtual conversation simulator training.

The whole world is showing support and embracing the Pride movement with a celebration of colour this month.