Google brings helpful Gmail, Drive widgets to iPhone users

Google has announced to launch helpful widgets of its Gmail, Drive and Fit apps for the iOS devices, to make the experience more seamless for iPhone users.

With the new Gmail widget, iPhone users can search inbox, start a new message and check for unread messages at a glance.

“The new Drive widget helps you access files you’re most likely to need—and lets you search for any file from your homescreen,” said Luke Wroblewski, Director, iOS at Google.

The new Drive widget will help users access files they are most likely to need.

“For those of you keeping track of your activity with Heart Points and Steps in Google Fit, this helpful new widget puts those numbers front and centre on your iOS device”.

Over the next few days, Calendar and Chrome widgets are on their way too, Google said.

While Calendar will put upcoming appointments on your homescreen and give you quick access to your full calendar, the Chrome widget will give you quick access to search, open a new tab or incognito tab, voice search and QR code scanning.