Gmail’s new look Rolled out to Everyone

The upgrade of Google’s interface refresh for Gmail will come and as pledged, the company says it’s now evolving open for all Gmail users.

The rework drags Meet, Chat, and Spaces concurrently as part of the general experience and includes elements from Google’s Material Design 3.

It’s not quitting there and says that later this year, we should notice improvements to Gmail for tablet users, better emoji support, and more accessibility features, among other upgrades.

If you use Gmail for work, it may have already rolled out to your account. For those who can’t stand the change, you can opt-out and switch back to the old look, at least for now. If you don’t have Chat enabled, you’ll still get the new look, but in a Gmail-only view by default, and if you don’t use some or any of those apps, you can disable or enable them from the Quick Settings menu.

If you want to switch back, Google’s instructions are pretty easy to follow:

  • At the top right, click Settings.
  • Under Quick Settings, click Go back to the original Gmail view.
  • In the new window, click Reload.

New Gmail UI Details

The updated UI moves Mail, Meet, Spaces, and Chat buttons into one list at the top of the left rail instead of showing several conversations from each one in an index. However, they’re still easily accessible without having everything on the screen at once. Instead, you can quickly jump into a conversation in any section, as a list will pop out when you hover over its icon.

The changes are a part of Google’s overall new approach to the Workspace suite (including Docs, Sheets, etc.) that’s supposed to provide a more unified style and new AI-powered features like the Gmail search improvements announced.

Google has raised the New Gmail User Interface to make the Gmail console more comfortable and user-friendly. Let’s discuss the details of the new Gmail features provided by Google.

Google has added some options like:

  • 1. Organize email from your inbox
  • 2. Snooze your emails
  • 3. Nudging option
  • 4. View Calendar, Task, Keep, and add-ons from the same Gmail window

Manage email from your inbox

This element lets you organize your emails directly from the inbox, like whether you want to make ‘read,’ archive, delete, or snooze. You can move your mouse arrow to the right of any email and tap as needed. The below screenshot shows the options :

Snooze your email

This option comes with snoozing the email, which you can see as per your planned timing. You can locate this choice at the rightmost; by clicking it, you can set the desired timing per requirement. This way, you can see the emails per your required time.

Nudging option

Nudge is the option where you forget to reply to any mail or skip in a hurry, and it identifies those emails and automatically brings them back to the top of your inbox to notify.

View Calendar, Task, Keep, and Add-ons from the same Gmail window.

No requirement to click on multiple windows; Google has brought the Task, Keep, Calendar, and Add-ons in the same window. You can now instantly access these features from the right sidebar by tapping once. Also, you can get some Add-ons if you like to notice and use them in the right sidebar. It is the Early Adopter Program from Google and still running through rollouts. It will be implemented fully after the rollout process completes. To employ the New Gmail UI and its component, you must shift to the “Early Adopter Program” from the “Google Admin console” for G Suite users. Please discover the below information to switch on the option from the Admin console.

Enable Gmail for a Domain or Organizational Division

  • Log in to your Google Admin console
  • Go to Apps<G Suite<Gmail from the Admin console dashboard
  • In User settings, go to New Gmail Early Adopter Program
  • Tap Allow my users access to the new Gmail UI and features
  • Click Save. It may bear up to one hour for changes to propagate to all users

After enabling that, you will find an option to switch to a new Gmail by clicking the gear button of ‘Settings.’ You may head over to Google Workspace and then fix up your Gmail business email in four easy actions:

  • Make a Google Workspace Account to Employ Gmail for Business: Go to the Google Workspace page and tap on the “Get Started” button. It will carry you to a page requesting your business name, many employees, and the region or country where your business is established. Fill out this information and tap “Next.” Add your name, business phone number, and email address on the following page. Then, tap “Next.”
  • Connect Your Domain: If you have an existing domain, tap on “Yes, I have one I can use.” Next, enter your domain name (e.g., yourbusiness.com) and click “Next.” You can verify and provide Google access to your domain name in the following step. To do this, go to your domain title registrar’s admin console home page and join the MX records that Google Workspace delivers in your Domain Name System (DNS). Then, follow the prompts from the registrar’s admin console home page.
  • Make Your Gmail Business Email User Name: Using the identical username format keeps your company’s emails consistent and effortless to organize. When selecting a username format, evaluate the size of your organization. Utilizing the first name or last name can serve small organizations. However, if you wish to scale, you might have staff who share the exact first or last name. Use this guide on how to form professional email addresses for your team.
  • Input Payment Information to Full Account Setup: Google delivers a 14-day free trial, so you will not be billed during this period, but you are still required to add payment information. The plan is formed to Business Standard by default. But you can decide to downgrade or upgrade to the next plan within your free trial. Tap “Next” and complete the checkout process to begin using Gmail business email.