Garmin launches new solar-powered smartwatches in India

Smart wearables maker Garmin on Friday expanded its portfolio of solar-powered smartwatches with the launch of Instinct Solar and fenix 6 Pro Solar at a starting price of Rs 42,090 in the India market.

The new solar-powered smartwatches utilise solar energy output to support various smartwatch functions like wrist-based heart rate, Pulse Ox, Body Battery, advanced sleep monitoring, stress tracking, giving health insights to users.

“We always believe in bringing something new as well as unique on the table. We want to change the whole benchmark that most of our competitors don’t have right now,” Ali Rizvi, Director, Garmin India told IANS.

The company said solar conversion rate in new smart watches is up to five times higher than the industry standard.

According to the company, with these new smartwatches, fitness enthusiasts can continue their regimes with the new pre-loaded sports activities like indoor climbing, fishing, mountain biking along with other activities including running, swimming, yoga, golf and more.

In addition to outdoor activity and health tracking features, Instinct Solar series also includes the Body Battery feature which analyzes heart rate variability, stress level, sleep quality and activity data to determine overall energy levels.

Another newly added feature is the Pulse Ox (SpO2)2, a technology that measures blood oxygen saturation.

“Using our solar capabilities, the new Instinct and fenix 6 solar watches provide extraordinary battery life and give customers the ability to follow their passion to the sunset and further,” Rizvi added.

The Instinct Solar series claims to boost up to 24 days in smartwatch mode indoors and more than 50 days with sufficient solar exposure, the company claimed.

The fenix 6 Pro Solar is the newest member of the Garmin flagship outdoor GPS smartwatch line.

Featuring Garmin Power Glass solar charging lens and a customizable Power Manager mode, fenix 6 series solar editions harness the power of the sun to stay on and remain performance-ready for weeks.

The fenix 6 Pro Solar in smartwatch mode is up to 14 days indoors and up to 16 days with sufficient solar exposure, the company claimed.