Galaxy Note series trends may be the last for this year

Galaxy Note series trends may be the last for this year … Samsung’s Galaxy Note series features a high-spec and large screen with S-pen operation that embodies the ultimate answer.

It’s a historic flagship model that has been around for about 10 years. However, it seems that the role is about to end.

South Korea’s Ajunews has recently reported that it is rumoured that the flagship model of the Galaxy smartphone, which has been increasing in number, will be reorganized. The biggest point is that the S pen of the dedicated stylus, which was characteristic of the Galaxy Note series, will be supported and freely used in the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” and “Galaxy Z Fold 3” from next year.

Both are unreleased models, but the big screen is the one. However, if that happens, the significance of the Galaxy Note series will disappear, and will it disappear next year.

It is not exactly the first chance that the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series has been talked about. Ice Universe has revealed that his Twitter account has no information about the release of the Galaxy Note 21 next year. Besides, Max Weinbach tweeted that the 2021 Galaxy flagship model will be limited to the Galaxy S21 series and the folding design of the Galaxy Z series. In other words, there are no plans for the Galaxy Note series anywhere.

Recently, there have been rumours that Samsung will end the Galaxy Note series. Although the series is popular, the company may want to move from this model to something else new. Rumour has it that it will happen in 2021, but new information suggests that 2022 will be the end of the year.

According to a tweet by cosplace, although there is an announcement of a new model of the Note series in 2021, there is a possibility that there will be an announcement of the end in 2022. DisplaySearch’s Ross Young said the tweet was consistent with what he was hearing.

Galaxy Note series trends may be the last for this year

Unique features of the Note series is the S Pen that can be built into the main unit. Because of this, the Note series is said to be more convenient than smartphones that have only other general pointing tools. However, rumours have come out so far that Samsung may be installing the S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is expected to go on sale next year.

In other words, Samsung is trying to change the model from Note to Fold while maintaining the S Pen. Certainly, considering the size of the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold, it makes sense to try to install a pen.

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