Fuel supplies not affected by oil facility attack in Jeddah: Aramco

Saudi Aramco said that the terrorist attack on its petroleum products distribution terminal in the port city of Jeddah had no effect on the company’s fuel supplies.

During a media visit to its oil facility in northern Jeddah, Aramco on Tuesday told reporters that the tank fire caused by the attack was put out in about 40 minutes and the operation resumed in about three hours, confirming there had been no casualties, Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.

“The supply to the customers was not affected at all. It only demonstrated the resilience and reliability of the company to ensure the energy’s continuous supply to its domestic and international customers,” said Abdullah al-Ghamdi, manager of the North Jeddah Bulk Plant.

According to al-Ghamdi, a projectile hit one of the 13 tanks in the facility, causing major damage to the tank roof with a hole of almost two by two meters.

The damaged tank remains out of action, he noted.

Serving diesel, gasoline and jet fuel, the North Jeddah Bulk Plant is a “critical facility” in the area that distributes around 120,000 barrels of products per day, al-Ghamdi said.

The Saudi Ministry of Energy said on Monday that a terrorist attack created an explosion and caused a fuel tank fire in the oil facility in Jeddah. The Saudi-led coalition later accused Yemen’s Houthi rebels of being behind the attack.