Forza Horizon 4 gets a new Stunt mode in the next update

Forza Horizon 4 is getting a new update that includes stunt-oriented tracks.

A new update is heading to Forza Horizon 4, the fun racing game from Turn10 Studios. The update will be free for game owners and will be available on December 8.

Entitled Super 7, this upcoming update is all about stunt lessons. Players will be able to traverse all kinds of obstacles ranging from large concrete pipes to shipping containers stacked next to each other.

Acrobatic driving has always had a built-in fan base of racing enthusiasts. The call here is to perform difficult manoeuvres in the face of impossible odds. In Super 7, you’ll be able to put your driving skills to the test in an unorthodox way, which instantly gives Forza Horizon 4 a new addition.

He’s been a solid runner since its release in 2018, and this latest update is a testament to the developer’s continued efforts to provide players with exciting content and systems to enjoy for months to come.

This new mode enhances creative driving experiences and with it is a Blueprint Builder. This is where players can use their imaginations and design stunt courses from scratch. There are a ton of resources that will be available. Their imagination only limits players.

Judging by the tracks featured in the teaser trailer above, it looks like players are expecting some memorable and surreal tracks. This track builder is also great from a community perspective. Players can spend a lot of time creating perfect or just crazy tracks and sharing them with the community, where other players can try them out.

It will be exciting to watch the players who can come up with when Super7 goes live in a day. Meanwhile, the users can get a taste of the action in the aforementioned trailer.

Driving in this game already requires a lot of skill, but then you add obstacles to the mix, and players will have to be extremely aware of how they handle the selected cars. It seems like an amazing way to challenge mechanics you’ve already learned, albeit in a new way that you often only see in action movies.

It feels like a fun moment that gives a unique twist to the great elements already included in Forza Horizon 4. Just as you think this game couldn’t be improved upon, it does. It’s an honour to the developer and his passion for this racing series.