Florence Nightingale : International Nurses Day

Florence Nightingale was the one who laid the foundations of modern nursing in the 1850s at the time of the Crimean War.

That is why every year, her birth anniversary, May 12, is celebrated as International Nurses Day all over the world.

Before the 1850s, nursing was not considered as a complete technical profession, but it was Florence Nightingale, who had the idea to establish nursing as a specialized profession. She had treated many wounded soldiers from the Crimean war and realized the nobility of nursing as an occupation for the lifetime.

No sooner she realized the importance of nursing than Nightingale started with her classes to train women diaspora who wanted to pursue nursing at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Nursing Assistant

Works of Florence Nightingale

Florence had written a total of 200 pamphlets and books to create much-needed awareness about the nursing profession. It is not only this which adds up to her achievements, but instead, Florence was also the recognized inventor of the most widely used mathematical graph — Pie Chart. The Invention of the pie chart wasn’t something that we should consider as out of the blue for the nursing lady. She was working as the disciple of nursing and knew the benefits of data to be seen and understood in the nick of time through statistical measures.

Treating Patients with Professional Training

Florence was a statistician, just that the aura of the profession influenced her. And also, she was very much willing to work as a social reformer in this medium of work. All because of this, today, we know her as a nurse.


Inspired by the passion for nursing that Florence had, the Red Cross Society also awards a token of recognition to the nurses worldwide who have shown exceptional contempt in curing and helping people wounded from the war or elsewhere.