Filterdrop campaign takes on Instagram as users support ‘real skin’

As thousands of Instagram users feel annoyed with filtered images, a new online campaign called #filterdrop is gaining momentum to show “more real and natural skin” on the Facebook-owned platform.

Sasha Pallari who is a make-up artist and model from Bristol launched the hashtag #filterdrop which has erupted on Instagram and she is witnessing a surge in people who support “real skin”.

“I don’t want children to grow up thinking they are not good enough because of what they see on social media,” Pallari was quoted as saying in a BBC report on Monday.

A recent survey by Girlguiding, the UK’s largest charitable organization, found a third of girls and young women will not post selfies online without using a filter to change their appearance.

She is asking people to upload unfiltered photos to their Instagram accounts and to “value who they are above what they look like”.

“We just don’t see enough normal skin,” she said.

Miss Pallari’s video about the #filterdrop campaign on Instagram has now been viewed by nearly 50,000 people.

“She has been inundated with messages from supporters, many of whom did not realise how attached they were to filters until they were challenged not to use them,” the report said.

She does not want to see an end to filters, but said that some face-morphing filters “should not be allowed to exist”.

“It’s a shame there’s still not enough acknowledgement of how dangerous face-changing and face-morphing filters are,” she said.

Instagram said it wants AR (augmented reality) effects to be a safe and positive experience for its community, while allowing creators to express themselves.

“That’s why we allow people to create and use face-altering effects on Instagram, but we don’t recommend them in our Effects Gallery, which is how many people discover them,” the company said in a statement.