Fantasy adventure game Marble Knights come to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has added Marble Knights, a new fantasy adventure game from WayForward Technologies, to its growing catalog of over 130 games.

The title comes from indie outfit WayForward, developers of “DuckTales: Remastered” and “Double Dragon Neon,” and offers players a mixture of sword-swinging fantasy mixed and marble mania, reports MacRumors.

The game features a group of heroes called the Marble Knights, who are able to form a party of up to four players to battle their opponents, interact with the 3D world, collect treasure, and solve puzzles.

“Marble Knights” is suitable for players of the age of nine and above, and can be played on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV through the “Apple Arcade” subscription gaming service.

Earlier, Arcade added two new games – deep sea adventure ‘Beyond Blue’ by E-Line Media and the emotional puzzle game ‘A Fold Apart’ by Lightning Rod Games – on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

‘A Fold Apart’ makes gamers interact with paper-like puzzles as they navigate a world where two people have been separated by their career choices, news portal iMore reported.

‘Beyond Blue’ game is set in the near future with players becoming a deep-sea explorer as they try to interact with the ocean.

The subscription gaming service costs $4.99 a month and lets you play more than 120 new as well as exclusive games across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

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