Fake nursing school in Karachi dupes over 50 students

A fake nursing school dashed the hopes of at least 50 aspiring nurses in Karachi, a media report said on Monday.

When Mohsin Sarwar and his 47 other classmates arrived at the King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing to resume their studies, they were confused to see the doors shut, said the Geo News report.

The students reached out to teachers and owner of the college but received no response.

“Next day, one of our class fellows received a phone call made by the daughter of the owner of the institute. She assured that the management had decided to shift the institute somewhere else and all the students will be informed later about it,” Sarwar told The News International.

The student added that the owner’s daughter also directed the pupils to deposit their fees in the bank account of the institute, which some did.

When the students did not hear back from the college administration in the following weeks, they attempted to contact teachers but found the numbers off.

“We got admissions to the institute in September 2018. Initially, the college arranged classes for the students, and students and teachers punctually attended the institute. But later, the teachers started to leave one by one,” Sarwar said.

According to The News International, the 50 students that got enrolled in the institute in 2018 now believe that they were duped by Chairman of the King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing Tasadiq Rahat.

The newspaperalso reported that the institute had received 70,000 PKR as admission fee from each student and a monthly tuition fee of 7,000 PKR.

“During the last two years, each student has paid more than 200,000 PKR to the institute. The students not only lost their money but the cheater also wasted two years of 50 students,” said another student.

A case was registered against the institution on October 27, but no arrests have been made so far.