Facebook purges more adult nudity, graphic content on Instagram

Facebook has removed more pieces of content related to adult nudity and sexual activity along with violent and graphic content on Instagram in the second quarter this year.

The content related to adult nudity and sexual activity that was purged increased from 8.1 million pieces of content in Q1 2020 to 12.4 million in Q2 2020.

When it comes to violent and graphic content, the content actioned on Instagram increased from 2.8 million pieces of content in Q1 to 3.1 million in Q2.

“We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers children on Instagram. When we find this type of violating content, we remove it, regardless of the context or the person’s motivation for sharing it,” Facebook said in the sixth edition of its ‘Community Standards Enforcement Report’ on Tuesday.

The content related to child nudity and sexual exploitation of children actioned on Instagram decreased from 1 million pieces of content in Q1 2020 to 479.4K in Q2 2020.

“With fewer content reviewers, who are essential in our continued efforts to improve our technology and increase enforcement in such sensitive areas, the amount of content we took action on decreased in Q2 from pre-COVID-19 levels,” said Facebook.

Content actioned for organised hate increased from 175.1K pieces of content in Q1 2020 to 266,000 in Q2.

“We also took action on a large amount of old, violating content. Our proactive rate increased from 68.9 per cent to 74.3 per cent for the same reason,” said Facebook.

After world events in Q1, content actioned for terrorism decreased in Q2, from 440.6K pieces of content to 388.8K on Instagram.

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