Facebook launches ‘Emotional Health’ for your well being

To help people cope with growing mental health issues in the pandemic, Facebook has introduced Emotional Health, a centralised resource centre on the main app with tips and information from leading experts.

The resource will be available globally, with locally relevant information from mental health officials.

“Over time we will build on the features and topic areas based on the guidance of our global and national partners,” Facebook said in a statement on Tuesday.

Facebook also launched a WHO ‘Digital Stress Management Guide’, which provides easy-to-follow techniques designed to reduce stress and promote mental well-being.

It is available on the WHO Health Alert chatbot on WhatsApp.

The social network also announced a sticker pack on Messenger designed with the WHO, to facilitate conversations around mental health that can lead to support.

“Making information about mental health more accessible is extremely important. At the World Health Organisation, we are pleased to be collaborating with Facebook in support of that goal for this year’s World Mental Health Day,” said Gabriella Stern, WHO Director of Communications.

Facebook said that on Instagram, people can feel a pressure to present a perfect image of themselves.

“But we also know that many people have found communities of support and inspiration. We’re conducting research to better understand the tipping point between inspiration and feeling good — and the pressure to live up to a certain standard,” the company said.