Everything To Know About The New Huawei Operating System


The last few months were no the best for Huawei after the United States decided to ban them from operating in the US. All of this started when the good relationship between the Chinese government and Huawei became an issue for the US authorities. This has been a problem for quite some time now, but it all came crashing down when in 2018, the Huawei phones were banned by the Pentagon in the US military bases.

Why Huawei Was Banned?

It all became worldwide news when in May 2019, United States President Donald Trump passed a national security order to ban all Huawei phones in the United States. This did not sit well with Huawei users not only from the United States but all around the world. For many Huawei users, the worst happened when Google also banned Android Huawei from any future OS updates. This greatly affected Singapore Huawei users.

Even though Google did promise current Huawei users to have access to updates on their current OS, everyone had hopes that the company would work on their own OS instead. This is why everyone got so excited upon hearing the news regarding the New OS Huawei!

Introducing, The New Huawei OS

People got excited about the new Huawei OS and many possible names came up. The most popular was “Hongman OS” since Huawei has been working on this since 2012. Other names also came about like ‘Oak OS,’ as well as ‘ARK OS.’ According to news reports, for the Chinese market, the OS would be called ‘Hongmeng OS’ and ‘OAK OS’ for the rest of the world.

What’s Been Happening With Huawei?

Before the launch, why don’t we go ahead and see what Huawei has been up to for the past few months? Let’s also find out what changes have been made since it was banned in the United States.

  • Facebook Problems. This social media platform stopped any access to future Huawei phones on their Facebook apps like Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. This became a huge problem for many Huawei users. Good thing they can still download these apps through Play store.
  • Huawei 5G. Few sources revealed that since the ban, Huawei has been very busy launching their 5G services. In fact, Russia has let Huawei build its 5G infrastructure and China issues licenses to let Huawei build more 5G-capable technology in their country. Other than that, even though other countries like New Zealand and Australia banned Huawei’s 5G, 30 countries accepted their equipment and have given them more than 30 contracts to operate.
  • The ‘No Spy’ Deal. According to Liang Hua, Huawei is very open to signing this ‘No-Spy’ deal with the United States to ensure that the company will never be used to spy on US citizens, the military, or any establishment.
  • Huawei’s App Store. The company is betting big time on its App Store. In fact, they are already inviting developers who would like to build their apps for the Huawei App Store. They are hoping that they would be able to be Google’s biggest competition.

The Launch Date!

When news broke out that Huawei will be introducing its own OS, people have been looking forward to the announcement of its launch date. And after the time the spent testing the OS, they finally announced that it’s going to be launched around September – the same period of the United State’s respite will end. The respite period is the 90-day allowance that will let the suppliers, the manufacturers, as well as Huawei to clean everything up by finding other companies to partner with. This will also give them enough time to have a smooth transition.

Google’s Worry About The Huawei OS

The reason why Huawei was banned by Google is because of its security threat. According to Google, since Huawei OS is now under different tests and measures, their effort to work on their own OS is going to be a major security threat for all Huawei users worldwide. This is because the OS that is created by Huawei is the rough version of Android. It has not yet been tested for long periods of time.

Google also believes that it lacks the basic features like the Play Services which serves as the protection of its users. The security would be poorer which will make it more vulnerable to hacking. This is what they wanted to stop by banning the devices in the first place.

When the United States banned Huawei, it affected millions of Huawei device users from all across the globe. This is why Huawei is doing everything that they can to find a solution for their consumers. This is probably one of the biggest problems that a huge company like Huawei has ever encountered.

With the new Huawei OS, many people are hopeful that somehow, it would be a worthy competitor of Android. Until then, Huawei users can only hope. If you need help with downgrade or upgrading your software please do check us out.