EU set to rule on 2018 WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing case

A 2018 case in the European Union (EU) focused on the transparency of data-sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp is headed for a final decision, at a time when WhatsApp is facing scrutiny over its new data policy.

According to media reports, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has sent a draft decision to fellow EU data protection authorities, that will be looked into from the lens of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“The DPC’s draft WhatsApp decision is only the second such draft the Irish watchdog has issued to date in cross-border GDPR cases,” reports TechCrunch.

Ireland’s DPC in December imposed a fine of 450,000 euros (around $547,000) on Twitter for failure to promptly notify and properly document a data breach under Europe’s GDPR.

In the WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing case, the DPC said: As you are aware, the DPC has been conducting an investigation into WhatsApp Ireland’s compliance with Articles 12-14 of the GDPR in terms of transparency, including in relation to transparency around what information is shared with Facebook, since 2018″.

“When the process is completed and a final decision issues, it will make clear the standard of transparency to which WhatsApp is expected to adhere as articulated by EU Data Protection Authorities,” the DPC statement added.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said that they will continue to cooperate with the Ireland DPC and await its final decision”.

Facing intense criticism worldwide, WhatsApp has deferred its new data privacy policy by three months and no one will lose his or her account from February 8 for not accepting the updated terms of service.

WhatsApp earlier sent notifications to users, saying it is changing its privacy policy and users will have to “agree and accept” if they plan to keep using the app post-February 8.