End of Fax Era in the Public Sector


On Wednesday, the Knesset plenum at a prefatory reading introduced a bill evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way to the public sector organizations for providing services through email. This bill was put forward by MK Sharren Haskel (Likud).

Israelis, are skillfully known and well aware as they are the stem of world’s most superior leading initiator in computer technology, are yet needed to perform their transactions with public services through the fax machine. By evading few 40 years of scientific proposals, some public sector organizations have succeeded in developing an application which can create a channel and transfer faxes received into electronic documents.

The new bill which has been suggested in order to regulate and control the public identities which include public jurisdictions, medical establishments, government companies and businesses that need government record to regulate, will be involve the need of public to contact them through email.

MK Haskel expressed that “the fact that I need to elicit support for the law raises a chuckle. It is very sad that we still do not allow e-mail communication. 37 years after the invention of email, the start-up nation still uses the fax machine.”

“Sending documents by e-mail ensures reliable and timely delivery. The transition will enable the public to receive documents without printing, and saving paper will contribute to preserving the environment. I reached agreements with all the government ministries on this bill.”