Elton John Holds AIDS Awareness Event : World AIDS Day

Elton John holds AIDS Awareness Event. Elton John announces that TikTok will hold an event to learn about AIDS-related prejudices on December 1st, World AIDS Day.

Japanese artists, Rina Sawayama and Sam Smith have also decided to participate as guests.

Elton John Holds AIDS Awareness Event

Today, on December 1st, “World AIDS Day”, Elton John has announced that he will join hands with TikTok to hold an event to raise awareness about AIDS.

World AIDS Day was established in 1988 by the WHO (World Health Organization) to prevent the spread of AIDS at the global level and eliminate discrimination and prejudice against patients / infected persons. It is a day when various efforts are being made around the world, including the “Red Ribbon” movement to wear a “red ribbon” to show that.


Elton has announced that he and his husband, David Furnish, will be broadcasting an AIDS awareness event live on their TikTok account from 4 am on December 2, local time, Japan time. “Everyone needs to be concerned about HIV and end the prejudices associated with this disease,” Elton said in a statement about the event: “Unraveling the dogma about HIV, talking about safe sex, and myself. The goal is “educate the younger generation on how to protect and others.”

In addition to Elton, Sam Smith, who released his third new album “Love Goes” on October 30, and his debut album “Hypersonic Missiles” in September 2019, will be on this day’s event. The 26-year-old expected singer-songwriter Sam Fender, who released the new song “LUCID” on November 26, and Rina Sawayama will appear. Elton had previously praised Rina Sawayama’s debut album, Sawayama, released in April this year as “My Album of the Year.”

In April of this year, Elton also launched an emergency fund of $ 1 million to support HIV / AIDS patients with the new coronavirus disease.

Elton John Holds AIDS Awareness Event : Differentiate between HIV and AIDS?

The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day in Japan is “Do you know !? The difference between HIV and AIDS”.

AIDS (AIDS) is Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is a medical condition where cells important for immunity decrease due to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection and various diseases develop, and AIDS develops. Is prone to cause severe, life-threatening symptoms. On the other hand, with the development of medical care in recent years, it has become possible for HIV to lead a normal life without weakening immunity if appropriate medication is received at an early stage.

According to WHO, a lifelong treatment called antiretroviral therapy (ART) can slow the progression of symptoms, which allows HIV-positive patients to be uninfected. It has also been confirmed that the risk of infecting negotiating partners can be reduced by 96%.

Between 2000 and 2016, the number of new HIV infections decreased by 39%, and the number of deaths from AIDS infection decreased by one-third, according to WHO. Virotherapy has saved about 13.1 million lives during this period.

There is also a prejudice that people are infected with HIV by touching people who have HIV or touching things that they touch, but WHO has described the HIV transmission route as “blood, breast milk, etc. of infected people. “Contact with various body fluids such as semen and vaginal discharge” is mentioned, and “contact in daily life such as kissing, hugging, and shaking hands, and contact with personal items, food, and water” It is clearly stated that it will not be infected.

Thus, with proper treatment, AIDS is now a non-curable disease, and everyone is aware of it and removes the prejudice against HIV / AIDS.