Dirty Secrets Of Fitness Industry

Thomas Plummer has been running business in fitness industry from past 30 years and he has written number of books about it. In his books, he has also written some dirty secrets about gyms that no instructor would like to share with anybody else.

In his book, he has interviewed employees of Fitness Planet, a fitness chain in the U.S. Its not mandatory that your instructor is certified..

  • As interviewed by Mr. Thomas, Kim (worker of FITNESS PLANET) said that it is not necessary for any exercise; the trainer should be certified or trained.
  • Even Kim was hired in gym only after 3 days of training.
  • Further she added to Mr. Thomas in his book that in each and every person whoever would come to join will have to sign a contract mentioned clearly that during exercise or gym if anybody gets hurt and injury then that person will be solely responsible for it and not the instructor.



To derive attention of the exercise the instructor set up little cardiac equipment’s which are very easy to use. Machine or gym equipment’s which are difficult to use like “Wet Benches” and “Climbing” are kept hidden from the exercises.

As per Jennifer Cohen (Fitness Expert, California) said that if trainee uses Tread-Mill and other ellipticals, then anyone will be satisfied by the result it will show in the future.

But, this will not be beneficial, which the instructors hide from people who joined a gym.


  • According to Plummer, when a person is tired of working out in gym then Yoga mats are the best option for rest but remember one thing these mats can be very dangerous as it consists of bacteria and germs.
  • These mats are not cleaned frequently and properly which tends to form germs and bacteria through sweat of several exercisers. If these mattresses are washed daily then there will be no sufficient mats for the exercisers to take rest and it needs at least a week time to dry completely.
  • Therefore, they use the same unhygienic mats regularly.


  • According to Stacey Vanek Smith (American Vlogger and reporter of Planet Money)said that if you are a member of gym irregular with poor attendance, then the exerciser is awarded as Best Customer for the gym.
  • Smith also said that Planet Fitness is one of the biggest fitness centers in the US and have approximately 6500 members. But only 300 members can attend gym for workout at a time.
  • Gym staff seeks for more client membership to join gym but the space is so small that if all exercisers attend for workout together, then there will be no space for exercising and will create high problem.


  • Fowler (instructor of Planet Fitness) quoted that around 90% of the exercisers intention or motive in gym is to reduce their stomach and get flat abs.
  • Gym instructors will help them to join and show few exercises.
  • Fowler said that these exercises are usually tough and hard for beginners so they need to come to gym for practicing on regular basis and exercise which are easy to do, the trainers or instructors don’t teach so that they are forced to come for workout.


  • Thomas Plummer in his book HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY IN FITNESS INDUSTRY wrote around 50% of the people quit gym.
  • To maintain good membership, these instructors tries the exercisers to motivate them by Group exercising or Zumba which grabs their attention for more workouts.
  • According to Global Consumer Exercise Survey, people who exercise in groups tends to work out for a longer time and also keeps their energy level high. For this reason, the instructors involve group activities for exercisers to keep them motivated.


  • According to Fitness Planet instructor Fowler, most of the exercisers discuss or share their personal talk with the trainers.
  • He added saying that these instructors listen quietly to them, but few instructors gets irritate also.