Delta Airlines And The Mexico Immigration Form

Delta Airlines

You can now visit one of the hottest destinations of 2021, Mexico, with the crème de la crème airlines, Delta.

Read on to find out all you need to know about visiting Mexico via Delta Airlines!

What Is Delta Airlines?

Delta airlines make air travel affordable for everyone! They offer flight services with a range of selections and versatility so that you as a customer may travel with a service and cost level that fits your individual needs the best!

With Delta, everything begins with a simplistic, low-priced air ticket. Following that, you can add on whatever else you want.

We understand that no one wants to pay for an extravagant, all-inclusive ticket when most of the additionalities aren’t even the services you’d need. Why pay for onboard meals you don’t want? Or the bags you haven’t got?

Delta Airlines, with their “low fees but high standards” philosophical work ethic charges you the most inexpensive fares, without compromising with the standards.

On top of that, their fleet of airplanes is one of the youngest fleets across the planet! New generation aircraft means more fuel efficiency. More fuel efficiency means more economical ticket prices for you, and fewer pollutants for the environment!

By and large, Delta Airlines provides an unparalleled experience – at an uncostly price. What else could an avid traveler want more?

Delta Hands Out the FMM Form During Flight

Many commercial airlines in the past used to give out FMM forms to all the passengers during flight.

However, since the Mexican immigration policymakers have moved the entire process online, most airlines no longer provide the FMM forms. 

All you’d need is to fill it out and keep it secured so that you can get verified conveniently upon your arrival in Mexico. 

Mexico Tourist Card to Be Applied Online

Whether you intend to fly to Mexico or cross one of its land borders, the Mexico Tourist Card can be acquired by filling out an uncomplicated online application form before visiting. has put together a great article on how to get the FMM card online.

This involves mentioning some customary and individual particulars, planned hotel information, and specifics about the intended itinerary. The whole application takes only a matter of minutes to fill out!

After its authorization by the Mexican authorities, the processed Tourist Card will be sent to the applicant by email. It must be printed and produced at border control, upon being asked for it by the authorities.

For information’s sake, know that Mexico Tourist Card is also called Immigration Card or the FMM Card.

Delta Airline Urges Customers to Fill The Form Online

Even though Delta is happy to be of service by handing out the FMM Card forms to their passengers, they recommend that you fill out the form online by yourself.

This is advised for the purpose of avoiding last-minute hassles and complications that might even restrict you from gaining access to Mexico.

If there are some document inconsistencies you need to deal with, your FMM Card will be rejected by the Border Control staff in Mexico. Flying back and trying again will be your only possible angle to play.

To avoid such distressing cases, we urge that you fill out the form online, receive the Tourist Card, and only then book with Delta!

What is The Tourist Card?

The Mexico Tourist Card, formally known as the FMM Card (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) is an obligatory entry requirement for all foreign citizens heading to Mexico with the intention of tourism, leisure, or business.

This Card doesn’t grant you the right to seek employment or work in Mexico, however.

The FMM Card is valid for a maximum of one hundred and eighty days and may be used for a single entry by air or land. Its validity period starts from the day the Border Control authorities seal is stamped on it, upon your arrival in Mexico.

To clear up one of the most prevalent confusions about the Mexico Tourist Card; the FMM is not a visa!

All travelers of all nationalities need the FMM Card to visit Mexico. Moreover, a single FMM Card represents a unique person. Meaning your children or spouse need their individual FMM Cards.

Additionally, depending on your nationality, you may need both: the FMM Card and the Mexico Visa, which we’ll see later.

Mexico Tourist Card Requirements

To obtain an FMM Card, the travelers must fill out the application form before arriving at a Mexican port.

And, to apply for the FMM Card online, any foreign national must meet the following requirements:

  • Providing an identification document (regular passport if arriving in Mexico by air; regular passport or passport card if arriving via a land border)
  • Providing an Email address (to receive the processed FMM Card)
  • Making the payment (can be done via a valid credit or debit card or PayPal)

Bear in mind that once received, the approved Mexico Tourist Card must be printed. It is a mandatory obligation to enter the country.

Do I Need a Visa to Mexico?

In addition to the FMM Card, you’ll need to get a Mexico Visa in just two situations.

First, if your visit to the country is expected to go over 180 calendar days. Second, if your nationality isn’t included in the visa-exempt category, as specified by the policies standardized by the Embajadas de México en el Exterior.

Thus, subject to your country of origin or nationality, Mexico may demand different travel documents to authorize you to legally visit. 

The passport holders of about 70 nations are allowed visa-free entrance to Mexico for short-term stays — either up to 30 for transit or 180 days for sightseeing or vacationing.

For other passport holders of almost 170 nations, this North American country requires a Mexico Visa to travel into the country.

Drop an email to a nearby Mexican embassy or a local airline to check if you are granted visa-free access to Mexico. If you do, keep in mind that this country’s visa can’t be applied for online! This implies that you must complete the Mexico visa formalities by physically going to the nearest consulate or embassy.