Dance Group In Surat Performs Garba Wearing Helmet To Create Road Safety Awareness


Navratri is here and the best part about 9-days of the festival is several Garba nights across the country. The zest and zeal with which people participate in festivities are crazy. From underwater Garba to silent Dandiya nights, we have seen it all.

This year it went a notch higher with a group from Surat performing Garba wearing helmets. The dance troupe from a ‘Garba class’ performed in VR Mall in Surat on Sunday. The group members were wearing helmets while performing the dance. Dancers decked up in gorgeous Garba outfits with helmets soon went viral. The motive behind the same was creating road safety awareness among people.

The videos soon flooded on social media networks and were highly appreciated by masses. One of the group members said “Wearing a helmet, the seatbelt is for one’s own safety and it should be followed by all. It should not be a forceful action by the government as it does not benefit them in any way. People should make it a habit to wear a helmet and seatbelt so that they can enjoy all the festivals for a longer time in their life.”

Watch the video here:

Another hot trend this year spotted is body tattoos. Youth are attending Garba events with social messages painted on their body. This is a great initiative by the youth of the country. Spreading awareness about social issues in fun ways definitely leaves a lasting impact on the people.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the viral video.