Created a map : Ridges of ancient Mars rivers

Created a map of all the ridges of ancient Mars rivers, contributing to manned Mars exploration, etc. This was announced by The Geological Society of America.

A research team led by Jay Dixon of the California Institute of Technology created the world’s first full-Mars map of dense river ridges.

The ridges of this river were formed by sediments carried by the river on ancient Mars (3-4 billion years ago). The research team hopes that this map will greatly contribute to future exploration of Mars by rover and astronauts.

It is believed that ancient Mars once had a warm and humid climate. This is because many rocks created by the action of water and terrain (rivers, lakes, deltas, etc.) that are thought to have been created by the flow of water have been found.

By the way, rivers do more than just scrape the ground. It carries and deposits various things such as mud, sand and pebbles. And sometimes such deposits create ridge-like terrain. However, until now, although there was a map of river traces, there was no map of all the ridges of such rivers on Mars.

Therefore, the research team joined NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s 15-year image data over nearly three years to create a map of the entire Mars ridge of a dense river. River ridges are made up of sediments carried by the river. Therefore, it may provide valuable data on the climate and geology of ancient Mars.

The research team hopes that this map will provide useful information for future rover and astronaut exploration of Mars. NASA is currently working on a sample return plan from Mars. This is the so-called “Mars Sample Return (MSR)” project. Perhaps this map of all the ridges of the river on Mars will be very useful for selecting sample collection points.