Covid-19: Israel considers alternatives to night curfew

The night curfew in Israel, which was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, is likely to be cancelled, country’s state-owned Kan News has reported.

On Monday, Israel’s coronavirus cabinet decided to impose the curfew due to the recent rise in Covid-19 cases, Xinhua reported.

However, legal difficulties, pointed out by Israel’s Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri, will prompt the Israeli government to consider other restrictions at its meeting on Wednesday.

The difficulties came from the position of the Israeli health ministry, according to which the curfew is ineffective, and this can lead to petitions to the High Court against the legality of the curfew, said the report.

Another cabinet decision, which is not expected to be canceled, regulated that passengers returning from abroad would be required to undergo a coronavirus test at the airport as a condition for entering quarantine at home. Those who refuse to take the test would be required to enter quarantine at hotels.