CITRA Arrives for Android : Moblie NINTENDO 3D

Citra 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS emulation has been progressing well over the past few years in PC platforms. The most promising app is Citra, an experimental open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++. The app receives constant updates and slowly is becoming the most stable offer for running the 3DS games on a computer. While there are several emulators for Android, fans of 3DS games have been waiting for a proper release of Citra in the platform.


Over the past months, there was an unofficial Android port of the Citra Emulator on PC. However, they were far from being stable, but we have to say that they have progressed well in the past months. Now, however, with the help of those unofficial ports, the 3DS fans can rejoice since an official release is coming straight from the source. The new app is making way to Google Play Store, and itís free!

Interestingly enough, several features are coming with the new app. Those features werenít available in the initial ports. All these features work to provide a rather full-fledged Nintendo 3DS emulation experience. Among them, we have amiibo support, motion controls, microphone and camera support, and gamepad support. However, there is more to explore, and more features should keep coming in the coming days.

The team behind the new app documented and published the story of the entire development on their website. If you want to dig in Citraís account, you can head to the official website via the source link. The story goes in-depth as to how the two previous unofficial ports affected the development of this official version. The first attempt of emulating 3DS games on Android was feeble and barely worked as it was prolonged to run games. The second unofficial project made by MMJ was better in terms of performances. However, the average user will surely stick with the newer official versions.

The official developers are happy to offer a stable mobile version of Citra 3DS finally. After all, fans have been requesting it for years. However, they couldnít deliver the mobile version until the original PC version of the app was stable enough.


Now the question that remains to be answered by users is how many smartphones can run the 3DS emulation. Some games are working smoothly like Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. According to the XDA-Developers, these games were running fine in an OnePlus 8 Pro. Okay, itís a flagship, a costly one and that limits the availability of 3DS emulation. Of course, owners of gaming phones can also run the app with excellent graphics and a 60fps rate.


You can download the Citra for Android App via the Google Play Store link below. Itís free, but to get some money from this hard work. For now, that includes a Dark Mode theme and texture filtering options to turn the graphics smoother. We can understand that this is an acceptable purchase if you want to support the team that brought this app to ďlifeĒ.