Chinese envoy calls for consolidation of peace in Sudan

A Chinese envoy has called for efforts to consolidate peace in Sudan and to address socio-economic challenges.

While progress has been made in the Sudanese peace process and political transition, economic woes, Covid-19 and widespread floods continue to pose serious challenges, Xinhua reported.

The international community should do more to help Sudan move toward peace and development, said Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations.

The Juba Peace Agreement between the Transitional Government of Sudan and armed groups should be fully implemented. The agreement has been a key step forward in the transition process and presents an important opportunity for Sudan to achieve comprehensive and lasting peace, he told the Security Council.

China encourages the signatories to the agreement to fulfill their commitments in earnest and push for the full implementation of the peace agreement. It calls on the parties that have not yet signed the agreement to join the peace process as soon as possible, he said.

Addressing socio-economic challenges should be a priority, said Dai.

Sudan is faced with a dire economic situation with fuel and other staple commodities in short supply and inflation at a record high. The Covid-19 pandemic and the floods have exacerbated the current difficulties, with over a fifth of the population facing food shortages and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, he said.

China supports the Sudanese government’s economic and financial reforms, welcomes the adoption of the debt relief package by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and calls on the international community to prioritize the easing of the country’s debt burden, increase investment and humanitarian assistance to Sudan, and support its socio-economic development and capacity building for governance, he said.

China also calls on the countries concerned to lift unilateral coercive measures against Sudan without delay. As the situation in Sudan and its Darfur region gradually improves, the Security Council should promptly review the sanctions imposed on Sudan and work on a roadmap for lifting them, he said.

China has provided Sudan with multiple shipments of supplies for fighting the pandemic and sent medical teams to the country. China will continue to do what it can to help the country achieve sustainable development, said Dai.