CDC forecasts up to 218k COVID-19 deaths in US by Oct 10

A new ensemble forecast published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has projected up to 218,000 Covid-19 deaths in America by October 10.

The new forecast predicted that 3,000-7,100 new Covid-19 deaths will likely be reported during the week ending October 10, Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday.

A total of 207,000 to 218,000 coronavirus fatalities will be reported by that date, it added.

“The state- and territory-level ensemble forecasts predict that over the next 4 weeks, the number of newly reported deaths per week may decrease in 6 jurisdictions,” said the projection posted on the CDC website.

Trends in numbers of future reported deaths are uncertain or predicted to remain stable in the other states and territories, said the projection.

As of Sunday morning, the overall number of coronavirus cases in the US has reached 6,764,780, while the deaths have increased to 199,258, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

The country is currently the worst-hit in the world, with the highest number of cases and deaths.